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About ARX Security Fencing

ARX Security specialises in high-security fencing solutions designed to protect critical infrastructure, government facilities, commercial properties, ports, airports and other sites requiring a robust perimeter security. ARX Security fencing systems are engineered to provide advanced protection against unauthorised access, intrusion, and security threats.

Key features of ARX Security fencing system include:

  1. Designed from the identification of a need for a rapidly deployable, high security,  anti-scale, temporary surface mount system, the basic fence has been attack tested and certified to the BRE LPS 1175 A1/B3 standard and is flexible and scalable to varying levels of security.
  2. High-Strength Construction: The ARX Security Surface mount fence system is typically constructed from high-quality materials to ensure strength and durability. The robust construction makes it highly resistant to cutting, climbing, and other tampering attempts.
  3. Anti-Climb Design: The standard 2.4m (8’) ARX Security fencing system features anti-climb design elements, such as the 358-prison mesh, closely spaced vertical pickets or anti-climb spikes, height extension to 3.6m (12’) and post cover panels to deter intruders from attempting to breach the perimeter.
  4. Tamper-Resistant Fastenings: although all fixings are solely located on the secure side of the fence, Tamper resistant fastenings and fixings can also be used, making it even more difficult for unauthorised individuals to disassemble or breach the fence.
  1. Speed of install and recovery: as an example, an estimated 1,000 linear feet (304 linear meters) of standard surface mount ARX Security fence system could be installed in just a few hours with a crew of 5-6 people.
  2. Customizable Options: ARX Security offers a range of customisable options to meet specific security requirements, including height extensions, finishes, and potential integration with security systems such as PIDS, CCTV, lighting, and other sensors.
  3. Compliance with Standards: ARX Security fencing systems may be designed and tested to meet industry standards such as BRE LPS1175 or other relevant security standards to ensure their effectiveness in providing protection against unauthorised access and a version of the fence has recently been tested to a 3kN crowd loading at 1.1m height which meets the requirements of the UK and European sports ground authorities with a fully clad wind loading equivalent to 48mph, higher without cladding and referenced with the following documents:
    1. BS EN 1990-1-1:2002 – Basis of structural design
    2. BS EN 1993-1-1:2005 – Design of steel structures
    3. BS EN 1991-1-4:2005 and NA – Wind Actions
    4. BS EN 1997-1: 2004 – Geotechnical design
    5. Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds ‘Green Guide’ 6th Edition

Overall, ARX Security fencing system is designed to provide a high level of security, deterrence, and perimeter protection for critical sites, sensitive facilities and crowded areas. By investing in ARX Security fencing, clients can enhance the security of their premises and assets, mitigating risks and safeguarding against security threats.

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The basic ARX security fence system requires 4 main components which are all fully galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461:2009:

8ft (2.4m) Main Posts

The main posts are ‘T’ shaped, manufactured from 50mm x 50mm x 3mm SHS (Square Hollow Section) S355 mild steel box section with a gusset on the foot and cylindrical receiver tubes on the vertical and horizontal sections to locate the panel pins when assembling the fence. The post also incorporates various rivnuts to secure extra components as and when required.

The post is initially stood vertical (gusset is always withing the safe side not the attack side) and supported with the second post is also supported approximately 1.2m away whilst the base panel is offered.

4ft (1.2m) Base Panel

The base panel is fabricated with 3 vertical and 2 horizontal 50mmx 50mm x 3mm SHS box section members with 358 (prison) mesh (BS-EN 10223-7) welded to the frame. Four mild steel panel pins are welded to the frame to locate in the post receivers. Although not imperative, the base panel acts as the base for the fence bay offering stability and also aids against anti-tunneling and is designed to add extra protection to the fence. This part is installed horizontally at the bottom of the set-up by securing into the receiver tubes located on the base of the 8ft main posts.

8ft (2.4m) Main Panel

The main panel is fabricated using 50mmx 50mm x 3mm SHS box section with 3 vertical and 2 horizontal members with 358 (prison) mesh (BS-EN 10223-7) welded to the frame with four panel pins (lower pins are of stainless steel & top pins Mild Steel) and a central vertical member at 40mm x 40mm x 3mm.

The 8ft panel is lifted vertically (using the panel lifting handles) and located intothe receiver tubes located on the top and bottom of the 8ft main posts.

The panel pins will drop into position guided by the receiver tubes. Once the main panel is in position the first bay is stable and can be left unsupported with other bays added to the line.

Securing (Locking) Plates

There are various securing/locking plates available depending on the requirement to overcome different obstacles but the standard securing/locking plates is a lasered profile using S355 mild steel which has angled wings bent to 135° each with semi-circular cut out which sit above the lower panel pins on the upright post and the against the outer panel pins of the horizontal post foot. The securing/locking plates are secured with an M12 BZP bolt into the post.

The securing/locking plates ensure the main and base panels cannot be removed from the attack side of the fence.

One bay complete with two posts, 1 base panel, 1 x main panel and 4 securing plates

Note: The components listed above are all tested to the LPS1175 SR1 BRE attack test however in order for the fence run to be within the scope of the certification it must be installed as per the installation manual and secured both ends to another LPS1175 certified fence or equivalent building/wall source.

ARX Top Hat High Security Fence System

As an alternative to the Shallow mount system and so as to utilise all of the same components as the basic fence system i.e. the posts, ARX Security developed the Top Hat securing method which has also received the 3kN/m crowd load rating using a similar foundation requirement or if the 3kN/m specification is not required or relevant this offers a more secure ballasted version of the semi-permanent version of the fence system.

Pedestrian, vehicle and blow out gates can be added into both systems as required.

Ballasting and securing options

The ARX High Security fence system has been developed and improved over a few years and has proven itself to offer a very flexible system with extremely easy and fast installation with the main fence system designed to be a self-supporting, surface mount temporary fence line into which pedestrian and vehicle gates and turnstiles can be incorporated as well as weight ballasting and staking options for various ground situations but there are situations when a more permanent fence system is needed but as a removable semi-permanent option for times when the security, threat and/or safety levels are reduced.

To that end the ARX High security Shallow mount and Top Hat mount fence systems were developed and indeed tested.

The UK and European sports ground authorities require a crowd loading of around 3kN/m measured at 1.1m with 0.8kN/m below that height. That is the equivalent of a 306kg/m force being applied to the weakest point of the fence and the components not giving way, breaking or buckling.

The ARX High security Shallow mount and Top Hat systems have now achieved that difficult target and we can now offer these systems to our customer base.

ARX Shallow Mount High Security Fence System

ARX Shallow Mount High Security fence System utilises the same panels as the standard system but requires a socket foundation with rebar support installed at the site. The foundation is then concreted and can be finished with a 50mm layer of asphalt to offer a suitable traffic surface.

The post receiver in the shallow mount foundation has cover plates which is secured onto the post sockets when the fence is not required offering a flush finish. The posts are similar to the basic fence posts but with a spigot which located into the post socket with a brace post which located into the rear socket and is secured to the post. The posts and braces are again secured into the sockets with SS screws.

The panels, securing brackets and post covers are then attached to offer a secure, crowd load tested perimeter fence system to protect critical infrastructure during periods of civil unrest, to protect military sites and even festival perimeters where the same event is held year after year or to provide a secure fan zone for sporting events where the 3kN/m crowd load is required by UK and European sportsground authorities.

Optional Extras and Security options

The basic ARX High Security Fence system consists of the components described in the standard set up section but there are extra options available for entry and exit into/from a secured area and to increase the security levels of the fence itself.

Height Extension

The ARX security fence can be extended in height from 8ft (2.4m) up to 12ft (3.6m) using the extension posts, universal base panel and 12’ (3.6m) Brace leg.
In order to achieve the extension you will require:

4’ (1.2m) Extension Posts (for each 2.4m post)

The 4’(1.2m) extension post is designed to secure to the top of the 8’ (2.4m) main post to accommodate the 4’ base panel.

The 12’ (3.6m) brace leg (see below) is then used to support the extension.

4’ (1.2m) Base Panel

This panel as well as being used for the base of the fence is also utilised to gain the extra height up to 12’ (3.6m) and sits between two of the 4’ (1.2m) extension posts on top of the 8’ (2.4m) main panel.

12’ (3.6m) Brace Legs

Designed to support the additional height extension posts and base panels, the brace legs bolt onto the 4’ (1.2m) extension post and are then either staked or ballasted to the ground. The base plate has either a standard plate or a serrated plate offering more resistance to slippage.

Razor Wire Brackets

To help prevent against or prohibit scaling of the fence, the Razor Wire Bracket option secures directly on top of the Main Post using M12 x 25mm Bolts.

Anti-Climb Brackets

When razor wire is perhaps too much of a health & safety risk we have developed the Anti-Climb Brackets which fit onto the main posts or extension posts and again prohibit the scaling of the fence. Available as horizontal or vertical parts.

Post Infill Panels (Cover panels)

The Post Infill Panels are designed to close the gap between the post and panels so as to stop potential passthrough of restricted or stolen items/goods and also restrict access to the panel pins adding extra security & safety to the set-up by securing the gaps between each module. Also available for the 4ft Extension if required.

ARX Super Panel (LPS1175 – B3 (SR2) rated

To offer a more substantial barrier to the opportunistic or indeed more persistent attacker, the ARX Super Panel can resist attack for up to 3 minutes with four more vertical box section supports welded into the panel.

8’ Offset & 8’ Half Panel

The Offset Panel is a half width panel with offset locating pains which allows gradientsto be overcome. The Half panel can be used to fill gaps where required.
The 4’ half base panel can be used with the Offset or half panel.

Pedestrian Gate

2-way pedestrian gate available with or without a threshold panel. The beauty of this gate is it can be placed into an existing fence line by simply replacing a standard panel.
The locking bar take a standard padlock (must be at least LPS1175 A1 rated to comply with certification)

Threshold Plate

Used under the pedestrian gate, the threshold plate allows Pedestrian traffic to flow over potential uneven ground and keeps the gate posts in line.

Base Panel Pedestrian Ramps

On Health & Safety grounds we have developed the anti-trip ramps which attach to the front and/or rear of the base panels.

Wall Post

The Wall Post is a handy addition to allow the ARX Fence System. To be secured to a brick/concrete wall at one end of the run.

The post receivers are welded to the face with 3 double tabs to allow the post to be secured with wall anchors (please consult technical assistance on which anchors would be best suited to the job).

Vehicle Gates

The Vehicle gates are designed to allow vehicular access to the site and open 90° inwards and outwards supported by a jockey wheel on each gate leaf. As the gate leaves themsleves are modular and the opening can be installed between 2.5m to 3.6m. the leaves are supported by a tower constructin using standard 2.4m panels with corner posts and base panels.

Blow-Out Gates

Blow-out gates are similar in design and installation to the vehicle gates without the jockey wheels but are able to open outwards only 180° allowing a hazard free exit from any protected area.
(Image shows Blow Out gates with concrete ballast)

Technical Specifications

Our High Security 358 type mesh panels are produced on modern fully automated welded mesh machines with all the steel framework lasered to our own specification and exacting tolerances.

The fabrication of all parts and components takes place in our UK based factory with our own high specification machinery, welding units and very experienced welders/fabricators and quality checks in place through every process. 

All parts and components are fully galvanized to BS EN ISOP 1461 standards. 


So as to facilitate a speedy install and recovery of the ARX Fence system, we have used wherever possible one size of bolt namely M12 (19mm socket/spanner) with the Vehicle and Blow Out gates requiring some M20 bolts.

Specialist High Security fixings can also be supplied if required.

ARX Fence has been tested by BRE to LPS1175.

In standard specification it achieved a rating of A1 which means that the fence can withstand an opportunist attack using a basic set of tools for a minimum of 1 minute.

A B3 version of the fence is also available which increases the attack resistance time to 3 minutes. These are excellent results for a temporary fence with no in-ground fixings.

There are few fully temporary products available in the UK with similar ratings.

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The ARX Fence can be stacked on pallets or bearers for transportation, although a forklift is recommended for loading and unloading.

If the fence is being used for multiple projects, we have designed bespoke stillages to accommodate the panels and posts upright to reduce the footprint and minimise storage space requirements.

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