The ARX STOPPER!™ is a pedestrian permeable surface mount HVM (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation) barrier rated to PAS68, IWA14 and this product holds an NPSA Vehicle Attack Delay Standard (VADS) rating.

A full array of 7 units spanning 6.2m can be stored and transported in a purpose designed stillage. Each individual unit is made up of 2 separate elements which are interlocked with each other and then securely locked to the other units offering a physical and visible deterrent against potential VAAW (Vehicle as a weapon) attacks as well as accidental incursions into a protected space.

Each unit is connected via steel cable to the next unit with an accessible ramp over the cable allowing the pedestrian permeation and covered with a durable correx or plastic moulded cover to protect pedestrians and animals during access through the barrier.

The robust steel HVM units are contained within box structures, which can be customised with branding, wayfinding or advertising. A solution for ingress and egress at high footfall locations. 

Watch the PAS68 and IWA14 Test Video

The two main stopper sections are simply slotted together and secured with bars.

Each assembled unit is 800mm high by 750mm wide.

When positioned, in an array, the units are linked with wire ropes, to provide a tested, certified HVM system.

There are cable covers to reduce potential trip hazard and cover boxes to protect by-passers which can be used for branding and advertising.

When deployed in this way, you have a safe, pedestrian permeable HVM solution.

ARX STOPPER!™ Cover Box V1

The ARX STOPPER!™ cover box V1 is of a waterproof 6mm Correx material which can be additionally customised with branding, wayfinding, or advertising stickers very easily and folds neatly to be stored withing the standard ARX STOPPER!™ stillage.

Seven of the correx boxes are required for a standard PAS68/IWA14 layout. The box can be secured to the ARX STOPPER!™ unit with the steel safety bond available as an optional extra.

ARX STOPPER!™ Cover Box V2

The ARX STOPPER!™ cover box V2 is a one-piece, black rotational moulded Polypropylene box with a sloped top to stop passers-by discarding rubbish on the top surface. Easily vinyl wrapped or labelled for branding, wayfinding or advertising with a separate storage and transport stillage available.

Seven of the correx boxes are required for a standard PAS68/IWA14 layout. The box can be secured to the ARX STOPPER!™ unit with the steel safety bond available as an optional extra.

ARX STOPPER!™ Mover Trolley

The ARX STOPPER!™ Mover Trolley is an aid to quickly removing one or two units to allow emergency vehicle access should it be required. Simply unbolt one unit from its D-shackle either side, place the ARX STOPPER!™ Mover Trolley under the base of the unit, lift back and roll out of the way.

ARX STOPPER!™ Safety Bond

The ARX STOPPER!™ Safety Bond is a galvanised steel wire that secures the ARX STOPPER™ cover Box to the ARX STOPPER!™ unit so that the Cover Box can not be lifted from the ARX STOPPER!™ unit by pedestrians.  

Height above ground: 801mm
Width of unit: 751mm
Length of unit: Impact Tested array 6200mm, VADS tested array 4800mm
Foundation depth: Surface mounted
Performance rating: IWA14-1:2013 Barrier V/7475(N2)/48/90:23.4 | 

                                         PAS68:2013 Barrier V/7475(N2)/48/90:20.7/0.0

There are various surface mount HVM (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation) products available but with varying test result criteria so it is essential that your project has a Threat, Vulnerability & Risk Assessment (TVRA) which will identify the risks and potential threats specific to your site.

Surface mount means the units do not need to be “bedded in” or physically anchored into the ground and are used mainly for temporary events and are quick and easy to deploy and recover but still offer a good level of physical perimeter protection.

The ARX STOPPER!™ is rated:
IWA14-1:2013 Barrier V/7475(N2)/48/90:23.4
PAS68:2013 Barrier V/7475(N2)/48/90:20.7/0.0

To achieve the performance ratings shown, the ARX STOPPER!™ was deployed with a 2-line defence of 4 units in front and 3 behind in a slalom setup. The units are spaced 1.2m apart side to side and front to rear allowing for pedestrian permeation with ramps covering the steel ropes which connect the units to each other.

This provides a protected area of 6.5m wide, although this can be extended with additional units.

The ARX STOPPER!™ also holds an NPSA Vehicle Attack Standard (VADS) rating with a minimum array of 3 units in a straight line configuration for both the small ( and ( for the large units.

Image shows ARX STOPPER!™ PAS68/IWA14 Installation as rated.

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As a manufacturer, it is important for us to supply our products in a way that is easy to store and transport.

The ARX Stopper stillage is designed to hold up to 7 units with all accessories to provide a fully certified PAS68 system.

The main section of the stillage houses the stopper units, retained by the securing bars. There are separate compartments for cover boxes, cable covers and wire ropes.

With a footprint of only 2.3m x 1.2m, the stillage is compact for transport on anything from a trailer to an articulated lorry.

The total weight fully loaded is under 850kgs.

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