ARX FenceBox™

About ARX FenceBox™

ARX FenceBox is a flexible fence solution, used to control and segregate large crowds at sports stadiums, festivals and other large events across the world. It is the smart alternative to road barriers, portable fence sections, police fencing and event fencing.

The fence itself has a span of up to 50 metres and can be set-up by 2 people within minutes, offering an instant, solid solution that other basic fence systems simply cannot offer.

Conventional mobile fencing solutions are often associated with very large expenses for transport, loading and mounting. Contrary to such conventional solutions, ARX FenceBox has built-in forklifts in the base which makes for ease of transport and handling. Multiple FenceBox units can be connected in series to create an extremely fast, secure perimeter. It is perfect for any event or location which requires temporary fencing.

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FenceBox is designed to allow flexibility in the length of fence that you wish to build. Most of the components required for the build are contained within the FenceBox itself. The socle is filled with concrete and the plinth is equipped with slots for a forklift for ease of transport.

Vertical Posts are positioned equal distances apart, along the predetermined route that the fence will run; to help support the weight of the overall build.

The Upper Cable is released from the keyhole slot at the top of the box and ran across the top of the Vertical Posts to the end destination, where it locks into the keyhole slot on End Post or into another FenceBox if you require more than 50m length. The tension of The Upper Cable can then be tightened with a turn wheel located inside the FenceBox.

The Wire Mesh Fence is then deployed out from a lateral segment in the front of the FenceBox. The Vertical Posts can fixate the Wire Mesh Fence by using the Top & Bottom Fasteners, until it reaches its destination; usually another FenceBox or an End Post. The Wire Mesh Fence can then be tightened using the Crank Handle, to take out any slack visible.

ARX FenceBox can be extended indefinitely without any limit. Add more FenceBox’s into your set-up to allow longer lengths to be achieved by simply attaching the Wire Mesh Fence into the next module. End Posts can also be integrated anywhere in the set-up to allow you to turn corners if required.

Weight: +/- 600kg (no concrete) to +/- 1000kg (with concrete)
Measurements: 115cm x 115cm x 210cm
Height Options: 1 metre or 2 Metre

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