ARX Crowd Barriers

About ARX Crowd Barriers

ARX Crowd Barriers (also known as pit barriers and stage barriers) are used for crowd control and are important to help ensure health and safety compliance at music venues, stadiums, arenas and festivals as well as demarcate and create a safe distance between spectators and workers.

The barriers are generally designed to sit between the stage and the crowd, providing a safe area for security and medical personnel to work and to prevent the crowd from getting injured. The modules are sectional and fold flat for ease of transportation and storage.

The ARX Crowd Barrier system is extendable indefinitely. Straight and corner modules can be integrated into the set-up to crate different runs and work around tight spaces if required.
ARX security work with clients to design and manufacture a tailored event barrier configurations and layouts for events to ensure optimum safety for guests, performers and crew.

A range of ARX Crowd Barriers are available including 1.2m straight modules, corners modules and gated modules.

Once erected, the vertical barrier is secured upright with stainless steel indexing plungers situated on either side. The Units are then secured together using M12 fixings.

The rounded aluminium top bar ensures no sharp corners are in use for safety and the “finger trap” issue that is common on other systems between the units when connected is eliminated. The “crowd side” base plate is manufactured using an aluminium chequer plate construction with an extruded aluminium front ramp for anti-trip access to the product.

ARX Crowd Barriers are designed to allow the user flexibility to build different set-up combinations. Most set-ups include an array of straight runs which adds structure and rigidity into the overall build. Corner modules can be utilised into the set-up to allow flexibility to turn corners if required.

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